DDD Arizona (Developer! Developer! Developer!)

The Pointe Squaw Peak
March 21, 2014 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Ben Arroyo

Speaker: Ben Arroyo


Ben is a Sr. Consultant at Digiterre Ltd. in London.  Ben has experience architecting and developing large scale, massively complex systems.  Ben's last project was a successful 3+ year implementation of a Transfer Pricing system for a fortune 100 energy trader. This successful implementation followed several failed attempts by other consultancies.

Ben's passion and specialty is developer productivity.  Ben stresses the importance of understanding the tools available for developers.  He stresses katas as a training technique and stresses "mousless" development.


Rob Bagby

Rob Bagby Consulting

Rob is an industry recognized speaker, architect, developer and trainer.  He has spoken at many national and international events such as Microsoft PDC, TechEd, DevConnections, VSLive and multiple product launches.

For the past several years, Rob lived and worked in London, developing hi-risk software systems in the energy trading industry. During this time, he led  a team in the architecure and development of a trade confirmation component for the top energy trading software company in the world, architected and developed a rules engine for multinational Asset Management company and developed a front office trading system for Fortune 500 energy trader.

Prior to London, Rob was a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft.  During that time, Rob had the opportunity to present to over 10,000 developers all over the world.

Prior to Microsoft, Rob consulted in the IT industry for over a decade.


Gareth Evans

Speaker: Gareth Evans


With over a decade’s experience in delivering enterprise applications, Gareth has spent the last 5 years developing high-risk software systems for fortune 100 energy trading and investment companies.

With a focus on delivering elegant and maintainable software Gareth has architected and led multiple successful high-profile projects.

Gareth works in London and is actively trying to teach his 6 month old son to code!!