DDD Arizona (Developer! Developer! Developer!)

The Pointe Squaw Peak
March 21, 2014 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Sessions / Agenda

March 21 - 12:00 PM - Main Stage

Anti-Patterns (and Patterns)

Design patterns are proven solutions to commonly occurring problems.  Anti-patterns are design choices that initially  appear to solve a problem, but are usually ineffective and counterproductive.  In this session, Rob Bagby will discuss a multitude of anti-patterns he and his team encountered in the field.

A thorough understanding of anti-patterns will help ensure that you do not become one of their victims.  While some anti-patterns are obvious, others are more subtle.  The session will cover architectural, development, OO and organizational anti-patters.

March 21 - 1:15 PM - Main Stage

From 0 to Production in 60 minutes

In this session Gareth will explain how continuous deployment and incremental change will shorten the feedback loop between you and your users and reduce the risk of delivering the wrong product to your customers.

Automating the deployment process and creating a “walking skeleton” of your application early affords a number of benefits including architecture validation, quicker deployment of bug fixes and new features and also gives stake holders early visibility of a working product.

Using Visual Studio Online and Windows Azure, Gareth will demonstrate how to quickly develop a walking skeleton, introduction small improvements in each iteration. 

March 21 - 2:30 PM - Main Stage

Efficient Coding

Learn how to save time in the mechanics of coding and become a more efficient developer by taking advantage of productivity tools and practices.  As software developers, we are craftsmen and a craftsman is only as good as his tools.  In this session, Ben Arroyo, the master of developer productivity, will discuss:

  • Windows, Visual Studio and Resharper shortcuts,
  • Mechanical keyboards and other devices
  • Resharper advanced features
  • NCrunch
  • Techniques such as Code Katas, Pomodoro and Golden Hour

March 21 - 3:45 PM - Main Stage

Implementing Messaging in Your Applications

Building solutions for complex problems is hard.  The key is breaking the complex system down into smaller, more manageable components.  Small, decoupled components can be developed and tested independently.

In this session, Rob Bagby will discuss how to take advantage of messaging to integrate these components together to form the larger system.

You will learn, through demos, how to implement messaging in your .net solution with RabbitMQ.  You will further see how messaging will result in a massively scalable, reliable and maintainable solution.